Brunswick senior to graduate with perfect attendance, keeps promise to sister who died

A special bond between a Brunswick brother and sister has helped a young man through school. From kindergarten to 12th grade, Alex Kunda, 17, will now be the first student to graduate with perfect attendance in the history of the Glynn County School District.

Alex’s mission started after his sister died when he was 4 years old.

His older sister, Miranda, was diagnosed with auto-immune hepatitis of the liver. She died two years after her diagnosis, which was also four days before Alex’s birthday.

Before she passed, her elementary school wanted to honor her with a perfect attendance award for her effort to stay in school while receiving medical treatment.

Alex walked across the stage on her behalf to accept the award. Coming off of the stage, he told his parents he wanted to make her a promise and continue her perfect attendance record.


“I’ve never been absent, tardy, or been checked out early for the past 13 years,” Alex said.

From his first day of kindergartner to now preparing for his final senior exams, Alex said he has never been absent from school. He has even turned down a day in Disney World to keep his perfect record.

“It had already been six, seven years and I had denied Disney World to go to school,” Alex said. “I think it was around that time when they realized he’s actually going to do this and I did my best and forced myself to go some days.”

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His parents, Preston and Arlene Kunda, made his mission a family goal. They said they would plan appointments around school, trips only on school breaks, and encouraged their younger son in the same path.

“It’s taught him some perseverance and some dedication,” Arlene Kunda said. “He knows what he wants and he’s going for it. I’m very proud of him. He did a great job.”

Friday, Alex will receive the first Glynn County School award for perfect attendance. He will be recognized by Brunswick High School during the Honors Day Ceremony.

“Every time I would not want to come to school, I would think about the promise I made and how important it was for me to keep it,” Alex said.

Next, he plans to continue his perfect attendance at the College of Coastal Georgia.