• Burglars sabotage security system, restaurant warning others

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    The owner of the Hola Mexican Restuarant in Springfield, Marco Marchegiani, is warning nearby business owners to be on the lookout for criminals.

    He told Action News Jax burglars busted in and sabotaged the restaurant's surveillance equipment. 

    "They cut the power off the main breaker," he said.

    It’s not just how it happened that’s raising concerns, but what was taken.

    Marchegiani told Action News Jax that burglars got away with items fit for use in one place only.

    "You can only use it with a fountain machine," said Marchegiani.

    He says those responsible got away with unopened, warm packs of beer, and coke syrup for a soft drink fountain system. He’s having trouble understanding why they went after these items. He fears those responsible may be looking to make fast cash.

    "I don’t know if they have a market for the stuff which is for small businesses," he said.

    Marchegiani hopes other business owners will suspect wrongdoing if his goods show up on their doorstep.

    "Hopefully, if someone tries to sell that product to them, they will call the police," he said.

    Marchegiani spent Tuesday replacing a door destroyed during the break-in's.

    JSO’s crime map revealed 208 records of burglary, theft and robbery within a half mile of the restaurant in the last 180 days.

    Marchegiana wants those responsible to be caught.

    "What they’re going to get for that stuff is not going to be much for what can happen to that person if they get caught, and hopefully they will," he said. 

    Surveillance system, or no surveillance system, he's warning others to be prepared.

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