• Burglars target Starbucks in St. Johns County

    By: Christy Turner , Action News Jax


    The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said burglars targeted two Starbucks along I-95 overnight.

    The thieves hit the one on County Road 210 and State Road 16.

    Commander Chuck Mulligan said the locations of the stores makes them a desirable target.

    “All of us in law-enforcement know that wherever you have a major corridor like I-95, you have almost every walk of life,” Mulligan said.

    He wouldn’t go into detail but said the burglars worked methodically and avoided the security systems getting away with an unknown amount of cash. 

    “It would appear to me that they've either done a lot of homework or they have some sort of knowledge-base with regards to these types of stores,” Mulligan said.

    A woman said on Facebook that the Starbucks in Port Orange, which is about 60 miles south of St. Johns County, was also targeted.

    In St. Johns County, crews had to make repairs to the stores since the burglars forced their way inside.

    Starbucks sent Action News Jax a statement that said, “We are thankful the stores were closed when these incidents took place and no one was inside. Both stores are currently closed for repairs, however, we look forward to reopening for our customers soon.” 

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