Cars set on fire at Jacksonville dealership accused of scamming customers

Cars set on fire at Jacksonville dealership accused of scamming customers

Cars were set on fire at Riverside Chevrolet days after the Better Business Bureau released a warning about the Jacksonville dealership.

A Riverside Chevrolet employee told Action News Jax no one was hurt after someone broke in Sunday night and set the cars on fire.

Action News Jax has been investigating complaints at the Spring Park dealership for a month.

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Multiple customers have provided documentation to Action News Jax that Riverside Chevrolet was taking months to pay off their trade-in vehicles, ruining their credit.

The BBB gave Riverside Chevrolet an “F” rating after receiving more than a dozen customer complaints and reviews.

Two whistle-blower former managers tell Action News Jax as many as 100 customers could have gone through the same thing.

“It was just a nightmare. It was a total nightmare that every consumer needs to be aware of,” said customer Matt Jones.

Jones said his credit dropped 73 points after it took Riverside Chevrolet two months to pay off his trade-in.

Florida law says dealerships have 10 days to do that.

“I literally sat here and saw my car over there for sale and I still legally owned it,” said Jones.

Action News Jax was asked to leave the property when we asked to speak to Riverside Chevrolet General Manager Damon Ferguson.

Ferguson’s voicemail is full and does not accept new messages.

“It’s crazy. That’s stuff that you expect from a shady used car lot. Not from a big dealership like this,” said Jones.

If you think you got scammed, you can file a complaint with the Florida Deptartment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.