Cat recovering after being shot with arrow on Jacksonville's Westside

A Westside woman’s cat was shot with an arrow on Monday afternoon and is expected to survive.

An X-ray shows the arrow barely missed the cat’s vital organs.

Jessica Herb's home is home to many cats of different colors, and she treats every one of them like family.

On Monday, she said, someone threatened one of her family members when they shot her cat Maveline with an arrow.

“You’re a disgusting excuse for a human being,” said Herb.

Herb said someone shot Maveline on the front porch while she was lying next to the chair, just feet away from the door.

“It takes a real monster of a person to do that to an animal that hadn’t done anything to them,” said Herb.

On Monday night, she started to install security cameras around the house.

“If you can do that to a cat, who says you can’t do that to a human or someone else. I just think that’s heartless,” said Herb.

Maveline is out of surgery and is recovering.