• Changes expected from Mayor's new budget presentation

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - City Council member Bill Bishop is awaiting Mayor Alvin Browns budget presentation that will take place inside city hall Monday.

    He says he's already anticipating some change.

    "This is the first time in a number of years where property tax revenue is higher than the previous year to the tune of about $18 million," said Bishop.

    But Bishop says there's also some items he believes the mayor will not change, like the current property tax rate.

    "He's proposing a budget that keeps the millage rate where the council put it last year, which is kind of ironic because last year he was adamant  that we don't need a tax rate increase," said Bishop. 

    Action News met with Mayor Brown downtown and asked him about taxes in the upcoming budget.

    "I can't talk about that, that's the thing I don't want to get into it," said Brown.

    Brown says he'll go into more detail about what's in the budget Monday.

     "I think it's important for the community  to hear directly from the mayor," said Brown.

    Bishop says once council members get the mayor's proposal in their hands, they'll start having budget hearings over the next six weeks.

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