Church to relocate to former Belk Regency store

A local mega-church on the rise just signed a contract to buy space in the troubled Regency Square Mall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A church announced Sunday its new location will be inside the Regency Square Mall.

The Impact Church said it grew out of its location on Lone Star Road. The church currently holds several services at its facility, but said the services are so packed that not everyone fits inside the sanctuary.

The church said it will soon move into the old Belk store at the Regency Square Mall.

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It'll be all hands on deck to transform the old Belk Department Store into the international headquarters for the church's new operation. Bishop George Davis said his vision is more than just space to hold church services.

“We've agreed with mall ownership to keep our property as a natural pass thru so that everyone passing from the east side to the west side will need to take a trip thru the Impact Center to get there,” Davis said.

There are plans for a book store, retail shop and café in the space as well as a plan to help busy moms and help clean up crime in Arlington by keeping teens busy.

“This nearly 200,000 square foot property is the center piece of the mall, and will soon be the international headquarters of our operation to allow us to accomplish our vision for a 4,000-seat auditorium open gathering areas indoor community and athletic space to benefit our membership,” Bishop Davis said.