• City Council president: Head of pension fund illegally collecting 3 pensions

    By: Catherine Varnum


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The City Council president wants to know why the head of the Police and Fire Pension Fund head is getting money from what he called an illegal pension.

    One man was set to collect nearly $300,000 a year from three different pension plans.

    City Council President Clay Yarborough is looking into John Keane, the head of the city's Police and Fire Pension Fund. City Council President Clay Yarborough showed Action News the problems. He says 2 years ago, the pension board illegally approved a third pension plan for Keane, even after the city's top lawyer said it was illegal.

    "Clearly it's unauthorized. It should not exist," said Yarborough.

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    We asked why nothing has been done for the last 2 years, while taxpayers continued to pay the bill.

    "That's our attorney not taking the direction of one of its clients," said Yarborough.

    We went to Keane for answers on the so-called illegal pension. He told us over the phone it's a legal issue and is being handled by attorneys. We then went to his home to get more details, but he wouldn't come to the door.

    But with each day, more of taxpayers money accumulates in the pension fund. Yarborough said changes need to be made soon for the sake of taxpayers.

    "It's gone on for too long. You've been wronged and it's not right," said Yarborough.

    City Council has been working on pension reform for months and could vote on it Tuesday.

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