• City: Delays on Jacksonville's Main Library repairs due to contractors

    By: Catherine Varnum


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Action News has learned the main library project is behind schedule again  

    Tarps still cover books on the fourth floor of the main library. They have been there more than two years. The stains from a leaky roof still exist and cranes are still parked outside. 

    Library goers like Gus Williams say fixing the leaky library has taken way too long. Action News has been tracking the repairs for years. Crews started developing a plan to fix the leaks last year, after knowing about the problem for two years. We were originally told the project would be done in January. Then it moved to May. Right now a city spokesperson tells us, they have no idea when this project to fix the leaky roof will be done. 

    The city spokesperson tells Action News the delays are from the contractor finding more problems as they try to fix the leaky roof. But even after several delays, the city maintains the project won't be over budget at $1.4 million. It's money taxpayers like Williams say should've gotten this job done much sooner.

    "When you're paying to have stuff done, you expect to get the job done and leave," said Williams. 

    We are still waiting to find out exactly how much has been spent on this project. A council member told Action News' Catherine Varnum in an email in March that just under $800,000 had been spent on the project. 

    The city has also filed a lawsuit against the companies involved in the construction of the library to try to get the money back. 

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