• Clay County campaign signs defaced with markers

    By: Catherine Varnum


    ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Campaign signs are being defaced in Clay County. Driving by, you may not notice the extra features on local campaign signs.

    Action News found several signs in Clay County defaced. Most of them belonged to people running for Clay County School Board.

    Candidate Janice Kerekes thinks it's taking away from what the election is really about. "We should be focusing on our kids and the issues the district is facing," said Kerekas. 

    Her opponent, Amber Shepherd, hasn't seen the problem on her signs, but she said it wasn't her who defaced the boards. She doesn't think it was any of the candidates either.

    "We want to keep it clear and concise and focus on the issues with the board," said candidate Amber Shepherd. "I think were seeing a lot of kids out for summer." 

    That's what voters say too.

    "I think it's probably children. I don't see candidates defacing pictures. It doesn't make sense," said voter Lynn Laseter. 

    The primary election for the candidates is Aug. 26.

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