Clay County deputies arrest teen for school shooting threat

Third student arrested for school threats

On Thursday, the Clay County Sheriff's Office arrested a teen who allegedly wrote a threatening message in a Keystone Heights High School's bathroom.

This is the third Clay County student who has been accused off making a school threat following the Parkland school shooting on Feb. 14.

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The 15-year-old student originally told the school resource officer that he saw another student standing on the sink counter in the bathroom, writing the message, "I'm going to shoot the school up," on the ceiling.

Wednesday, Clay County deputies and a crime scene van were at Keystone Heights Junior and Senior High School, the day the Sheriff’s Office says it arrested that freshman student.

It caused senior Mitchell Morris to stay home from school.

“It was scary for me worrying about my friends, thinking about I may never see them again,” Morris said.

The school administrators were disrupted from their normal duties to deal with the threat, according to a police report.

“[The suspect] needs to have the book thrown at him, because not only did he create mass hysteria and panic, it just really, really rocked the community,” said parent Kevin Kedgley.

Action News Jax told you last month when two Oakleaf students were arrested on suspicion of making similar threats.

That makes three such arrests in the county since 17 people were murdered at Stoneman Douglas High School in February.

“People are dying, and it’s not funny,” Morris said.  “It’s not something to joke about.”

After reviewing surveillance video, the Sheriff's Office identified the teen as the writer of the threat, officials said.

The student was arrested and charged with two felonies for written threats to kill and a false report of use of a firearm , and was also charged with vandalism, a misdemeanor.