Clay County mom donates nearly 300 bags of milk to help newborns across the country

A local mother’s selfless donation is helping mothers of newborns across the country. She donated nearly 300 bags of breast milk to Orange Park Medical Center’s milk donor program.

Babies and moms all across the country now have 288 bags of breast milk, all from one donor.

“I have a lot of milk,” said Crystal Gallegos-Trujillo, who just gave birth three months ago.

“It’s quite remarkable, since her baby is so young, that she’s able to produce so much milk,” said Donna Pack a Registered Nurse at Orange Park Medical Center.

“I told my husband, 'We have a lot of milk, we need to get rid of some of this milk',” said Gallegos-Trujillo.

She reached out to the hospital, which partners with a milk bank in Colorado. The 288 bags are now being processed there before they’re sent to mothers of newborns across the country. The milk she donated could help more than 1,000 micro premature babies.

“If they aren’t able to make enough milk, literally this donation from these moms can literally save lives of these very small, premature infants,” Pack said.

“It’s like magic and it can help the baby thrive and help build the immune system to get their body going,” said Gallegos-Trujillo.

She knows the difference her milk can make. That’s why this giving mom is ready to give more.

“There’s a lot of extra milk to give,” she said.

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