Clay County Schools could soon see the district rezoning

Clay County students forced to switch schools

Some parents and student who attend schools in the Clay County district could soon see some major changes.

This comes after the district announced plans to rezone some of the schools because of overcrowding at R.M. Paterson Elementary.

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Several parents, including Jasiane Elberth, said the potential change worried them.

Elberth recently moved to Clay County from Ocala, and she said the ratings for Paterson Elementary attracted her and her family to the school.

She’s hoping her son will be able to finish through fifth grade. “So I feel scared actually. We bought the house here because of the elementary school. He’s getting good grades and he loves his teacher,” Elberth said.


A Facebook post showed that several schools could be affected by the change.

Although it will be difficult for some parents who could be forced to send their children to different schools, other parents such as Brenda Kophamer said the rezoning needs to happen.

“It’s dismaying that it has to be done, but I think it has to be done, something has to give because the traffic jams around here are just immense,” Kophamer said.

She said disbursing some of the students to other schools could ultimately be helpful.

There are 43 schools in the district, and more than half of them are elementary schools. R.M.

Paterson is the one Elberth wants her son to stay at and she’s just hoping this doesn’t change.

“I was prepared for the change to the middle school and now it seems that the change is coming to us earlier than we thought,” Elberth said.

Action News Jax asked district administrators how many students this is going to affect and what the future looks like considering the population is constantly growing.

School administrators refused to answer because they said it would be discussed during Tuesday night's meeting.

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