Clay County students head back to school Tuesday, new app for teachers

New cell phone app for teachers in Clay County

Clay County, Fla. — Teachers in Clay County schools have a new tool for the upcoming school year.

A cellphone app provides fast, real-time access to surveillance cameras and radio communication in case there’s an emergency.

The first-day jitters are done in Duval County.

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Monday, fourth grader Case Ancheta said, “Anything can pop up at any time.”

Families in Duval were happy to hear about new safety measures in the district – visitor background checks, access to mental health therapists for every student and Wellness Wednesdays.

Tammy Mojica told Action News Jax, “It makes me feel a whole lot better.”

The Clay County School District is taking a new approach to safety this school year.

Action News Jax reported when school leaders announced they were creating their own police force, replacing Clay County deputies in classrooms.

Only Action News Jax was there when the 13 new Guardians were sworn in the week before school.

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Almost every campus will have two armed officers.

Parents in all local counties said safety is at the top of their lists when it comes to back-to-school concerns.

Nancy Strother said, “You just have to be really cautious. You can’t just look at somebody and tell. You really have to be observant and with the kids, they need to know more of what to look for and what to be aware of.”

Clay district leaders have also added a Buddy Bench to ever elementary school playground to promote inclusion.