About 500 voters to receive delayed mail ballots in Clay County

500 vote by mail ballots delayed by error

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Clay County Supervisor of Elections, Chris Chambless, tells Action News Jax approximately 500 voters can expect delayed mail-in ballots.

Chambless says voters should receive their ballot in time to cast their ballots.

Statement from Chambless:

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“Yes, there was an issue with of a file that was not sent timely to our ballot mailing house for fulfillment. This resulted in approximately 500 voters who will receive their ballot delayed but with ample time to cast their ballot and return to our office within the anticipated mailing times.

"However, should a voter wish to check the status of their ballot, they can track their ballot’s progress at TrackMyClayBallot.com or call our office at (904)269-6350. Please call me should you wish to discuss this.”