Clay County man able to leave hospital after fighting COVID-19 for 44 days

Daughter shares how father beat covid-19

Clay County, Fla. — A Clay County man has left a hospital after fighting COVID-19 for 44 days.

It wasn’t looking good for Jeffrey Virbickis, 60. Even his family feared the worst when he spent 40 days on a ventilator.

“There were days we were pretty sure we were going to lose him,” said Ashleigh Slonaker, Virbickis’ daughter.

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But on Monday, he left St. Vincents Hospital in Clay County to a round of applause from healthcare workers.

“She was constantly a fighter. She said I think he will pull through this, and she was always on his side fighting for him,” said Slonaker.

Slonaker is talking about one of the doctors who took care of her dad during his 44 day stay at the hospital.

“He had a preexisting lung condition which made it a lot worse for him,” said Slonaker.

She said her dad slowly began to wake up last week. She believe a plasma donation was the difference-maker.

“I really think that was the turning point for him,” Slonaker said.

Virbickis is now at Brooks Rehab where he continues to recover. Slonaker says she didn’t lose hope. She said other people shouldn’t, either.

“Keep positive and keep the faith and hoping. Because they can pull through this,” she said.