Clay PAL’s new program gets kids interested in broadcast sports reporting

There’s a new program that just launched within the Clay County Sheriff’s Office and it’s recruiting young reporters.

The Police Athletic League (PAL) of Clay County is now offering a chance for kids to become mini-reporters out in the field along side the PAL sports programs.

Clay PAL is a nonprofit offering baseball, cheerleading, football and the explorer program for teens interested in becoming law enforcement one day.

CCSO said the programs help prevent juvenile crime and drug use, all while giving our youth a positive role model.

Beverly Calix’s daughters 9-year-old Luna and 6-year-old Sole’ just joined and right now they’re learning how to become reporters.

“They were nervous at first about the interview, like ‘what do I ask these people’, but then they realize it’s not that hard, it’s just some simple questions just to get them engaged and they kind of got the hang of it now and they really love it.”

The program is being taught by the Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer.

Right now these kids are interviewing players and coaches and reporting on the Clay PALS baseball season.

And just like a regular reporter, they learn to edit and put together their stories and yes, they even have deadlines.

The sheriff’s office told Action News Jax Clay PAL is all about connecting with kids and building a positive relationship with law enforcement.

“The program director was like, ‘hey you just need to drop them off for an hour and a half’ and my daughter was like, ‘well we’re around a bunch of police officers so we should be perfectly fine’,” Calix said.

Clay PAL reporters have reached its capacity for baseball season but it’ll start looking to recruit for its football season soon.

The nonprofit is always accepting donations.

For more information on how to donate or to learn about the programs and how kids can get involved, click here.