Orange Park family uninjured after storm sends tree into roof

Orange Park, Fla. — The First Alert Weather Team said a possible microburst - with winds of about 60 miles per hour - likely caused a tree to come crashing down on an Orange Park home Tuesday.

Sherri Cline said she and her two family members were inside when it happened. She said no one was injured.

“It scared the mess out of me, I know that,” Cline said.

Cline said she knows things could’ve been much worse after a massive tree fell on her home on Edson Drive.

It crashed into the roof, cracking it and forcing it down in several spots.

“[My family members] were holding this glass up right here, and I was trying to push this in front of it,” Cline said. “[The wind] started pushing us back so we just let go of it and ran. The tree could’ve come down through there on top of them.”

Cline said the wind pushed the glass door right over. Now, she’s clinging to what’s most important.

“Nobody was hurt, thank goodness,” Cline said.

Cline and her family are being assisted by the Red Cross since they have no place to stay.