Woman attacked by dogs in Hastings recovering in hospital

Woman attacked by dogs in Hastings recovering in hospital

Clay County, Fla. — Nearly a week ago, Claude DeGolyer got a call from his 73-year-old wife Tammy, moments after she was attacked by two rottweilers in their front yard.

“I said ‘I’ll be right there!’ So I was in Palatka and I took off and got over there as quick as I could,” DeGolyer said.

The ambulance took her to Orange Park Medical Center, where she immediately underwent surgery for her injuries.

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“She managed to keep them out of her face, but she has bites on her legs and her arms were chewed up pretty bad.”

DeGolyer took us to see her in the hospital on Thursday. She had just woken up, and she wasn’t feeling up to talking.

DeGolyer says she’s had a lot of surgeries in the last week, “It seems like almost one every day. At least three.”

But DeGolyer says she has an army of people looking after her.

“She’s got a lot of support from her friends and from her church members. See she does volunteer work for the church through the food pantry.”

But DeGolyer says there’s still a long road to recovery. And when it comes to the investigation, he says he’s just focusing on getting her better.

“She’ll be all right, the rest of it can come later. It’s going to be a rough road for both of us.”

We checked back in with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. They say it’s still an open investigation, and they’re just waiting to see how everything unfolds. But as of right now, no criminal charges have been filed. ​