• Clumsy Nassau County robbers drop drawer containing money, police say


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    Two men were caught after robbing the Vegas 777 Internet Café in Yulee, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office said.

    The robbery occurred shortly before 2 a.m. Monday.

    Police said two men wearing hoodies entered the business with a gun. One man went to the cash register while one kept an eye on the door, police said.

    The suspect carrying the drawer full of money dropped it and spilled money all over the floor. The suspects grabbed what they could and fled onto U.S. 17 at a high rate of speed, police said.

    The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office quickly pulled over the men. Money was on the floorboard on the car. The suspects were identified as John Kitchen, 29, from Saint Marys, Ga., and Dwight Dasher, 29, of Folkston, Ga.

    Both suspects were arrested and booked into the Nassau County Jail.

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