• Columbia County man shoots armed home intruder


    COLUMBIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Columbia County man shot a home intruder who police said had done work for him in the past.

    Alberto Casola, 63, woke up Thursday night to the sound of someone breaking into his home on August Road, according to deputies.

    Casola grabbed his pistol and went downstairs, where he found a man inside his living room.

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    He shot at the man, later identified as 25-year-old Steven Craycraft, and hid inside a bathroom.

    Casola said he heard Craycraft drop something and fall to the floor.

    When Casola opened the bathroom door, Craycraft got up from the floor and ran, leaving behind a trail of blood.

    Casola called 911, and deputies found Craycraft in someone’s yard on another road. They recovered a knife from Casola’s house, and said it appears Craycraft was going to rob him.

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    Fire rescue treated the gunshot wound on Craycraft’s leg and took him to the hospital. His injuries are not life-threatening.

    Deputies said an investigation revealed that Craycraft had done work for Casola at some point.

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