‘Why are you so hostile?’: Bodycam video made public from Lake City councilman traffic stop

LAKE CITY, Fla. — Body camera footage of a Lake City councilman during a traffic stop is now out for the public to see.

The Lake City police chief played the video during a City Council workshop on Monday.

In it, you can hear Councilman Jake Hill Jr. tell the officer he doesn’t have a driver’s license.

The video of the councilman was one of many shown during Monday’s workshop.

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Lake City police told us they showed Hill’s body camera video for transparency after he had claimed in an earlier meeting that he was mistreated by the officer during the traffic stop.

You can hear Hill say, “Let me tell you what. Give me my ticket, whatever you are going to do, write me up or let me go or take me to jail — one of the two!”

The body camera video is from a January traffic stop that shows Hill being pulled over for improperly displaying his license plate.

When the officer first turns on his audio, you can hear him repeatedly ask Hill if he has a driver’s license.

“So you have zero driver’s license?” asks the officer.

Hill replies, “Zero driver’s license.”

The officer asks, “OK, why are you so hostile?”

The officer asks Hill to step out of the car and starts writing down Hill’s information.

The Lake City officer later learns Hill does have a license. Hill becomes increasingly irritated, asking the officer why he pulled him over.

Hill exclaims, “Why have y’all been arresting people all f****ing weekend? That’s why I’m being like this.”

The officer says Hill’s license plate can’t be seen through the dark window and writes up a ticket.

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When he starts explaining what Hill needs to do, Hill replies, “Well, you’re not me. …I’m not going to put it back here, so get ready to stop me again.”

We tried calling Hill on Thursday but got no answer.

We also went to his home in Lake City, but we were told he wasn’t home.