• Congressman Yoho visits Orange Park

    By: Russell Colburn


    ORANGE PARK, Fla. - U.S. Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL 3rd District) heard from many of you at an event hosted by the National Association of Senior Veterans Tuesday.

    Amidst the recent scandal, people voiced concerns with the Department of Veteran's Affairs. Rep. Yoho said a fix starts at the top.

    "It's important that we have somebody at the helm who is a permanent fixture, and that we move forward from that point so that we can start addressing these shortcomings," Yoho said.

    Retired Marine Harry Silvers voiced his concerns to the congressman directly. Silvers said Vietnam veterans, like him, have been neglected by the government.

    "They do nothing, and that's exactly what we've got as Vietnam veterans is nothing for the last 20-something years," Silvers said.

    Yoho encouraged the room full of veterans to visit his congressional office for issues with VA claims.

    Linda Haymond-Bock had a message for the representative to take back with him to Washington, D.C. 

    "People are tired of the bickering and the division that they see coming out of Washington trying to divide our country rather than trying to bring it together," Haymond-Bock said. 

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