Councilman says he's trying to find other city properties for current Jacksonville Landing tenants

The tenants left at The Jacksonville Landing say they’re being left in the dark when it comes to the future of the property.

Action News Jax took their concerns to the councilman who represents the district, Reggie Gaffney, who says there’s no need to worry right now.

Sylvia Walker has a $20 bill framed on the wall inside her business, Naiwbe Spa.

It was the first $20 she made at her location inside The Landing.

Next to the frame, is a note with the phrase “Remember why you started."

“It makes me smile. Like, wow, it’s now 2019 -- most small businesses don’t survive past three to five years,” said Walker.

She’s been in business now more than seven years, six of those at The Landing, a location she credits with her success.

But now there’s a lot of uncertainty.

“I’m still waiting for someone from the city to actually provide additional information if there’s going to be some type of plan,” said Walker.

Down the hall, the owner of Accentuate Boutique, Michael Cobb said he and his wife were in the dark as well, after learning of the agreement between The Landing and the city.

They’re prepared to move if need be, but they want to stay in downtown.

“We love downtown. We love what downtown offers here in Jacksonville,” said Cobb.

Gaffney said he hears their concerns. He said he’s already taken calls from about four concerned tenants.

“I’ve been told that if they have a month-to-month lease the city is not trying to force nobody out in a month,” said Gaffney.

Gaffney said it’s actually a good thing that tenants haven’t heard from the city yet.

“That means we’re not in a rush,” he said.

Gaffney said he’s already started looking at other city property where tenants could potentially move if it comes to that.

“One of the locations I came up with is the library across the street because I know we had a little bit of space we can control. I have made some phone calls to the DIA [Downtown Investment Authority],” said Gaffney.

Bottom line is, nothing is happening right now and when it does Gaffney said tenants will have ample notice.

“They [the mayor’s office] assured me that they’ll sit down with each one and give them as much time as they need,” said Gaffney.

He said he also going to work on possibly having a community meeting where the main topic will be The Landing so tenants have the opportunity to ask questions.


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