• Coyote kills peacock in Fernandina Beach

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    A local community is concerned coyotes killed one of their beloved peacocks.

    The birds roam freely around one portion of Fernandina Beach.

    Most local families love it, and they said so do the tourists.

    Fred Borakove described, “They come out and we give them food and they eat right from their hands - it’s terrific, it’s great.”

    On Friday, neighbors said coyotes are putting the birds and other animals at risk.

    Borakove explained, “Last week I went to the backyard and there were tons of feathers, peacock feathers, back there.”

    He said the next day he found the carcass.

    Other local families said pets have also been killed.

    In 2017, Action News Jax told you, according to an incident report, a man admitted to shooting one of the peacocks with a pellet gun.

    Neighbors said they’re always concerned about the birds’ numbers dwindling.

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    “It’s just awful. We understand Mother Nature and, you know we all watch over our peacocks here,” said Borakove.

    The families said they’re keeping a close eye on the birds and their pets.



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