• Crash knocks SUV to edge of Buckman Bridge


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local driver lost control and nearly tumbled into the waters beside the Buckman Bridge.

    Just months ago -- a similar chain reaction ended with death -- and kick-started an investigation into your safety on the Buckman Bridge.     

    A wrecked Mazda Tribute SUV was perched on the barrier wall on the Buckman Bridge on Thursday evening.

    The Florida Highway Patrol tells Action News the woman driving the Mazda was in the fast lane and tried to move over for a Road Ranger truck helping a stranded driver.

    The vehicle making the lane change flipped several times and came to rest on top of the concrete barrier wall, inches from going over the side and into the St. Johns River.

    The driver walked away from the crash. Action News spoke briefly to her sister.

    "Very scary, yes," she said.

    FHP said the second driver was taken to Orange Park Medical Center with minor injuries.

    Thursday’s crash was eerily similar to a wreck back in July. William Maddox was side-swiped, sending his truck over the side of the bridge. The Tampa man's body was pulled from the water a few hours later

    In 2010, a local mother was forced over the side by a drunken driver. Luma Kajy was still strapped into the driver’s seat when her SUV was pulled from the dark waters of the St. Johns.

    These accidents have prompted the Florida Department of Transportation to take a new look at the height of the barrier wall on the Buckman.

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