• Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, local artists team up to create mural in Moncrief

    By: Courtney Cole , Action News Jax


    The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville and two local artists are teaming up—and using their ideas, creativity and talents to bring a little heart and soul to a neighborhood often overshadowed by crime.

    Action New Jax reporter Courtney Cole takes us out to Moncrief to show us how they're using paint to help brighten the lives of neighbors in the area.

    In a sea of grey and black on Myrtle Avenue and Moncrief Road, Chris Clark and Tatiana Kitchen say they're ready to bring a splash of color to Moncrief starting with the creation of a new mural.

    "This side of town definitely needs a lot more creativity,” Kitchen said

    The inviting yellows, oranges and reds seen on these walls can be found on the side of the Northwest Jacksonville Community Development Corporation building.

    "It means a lot to us to bring something artistic to this community,” Clark said.

    That's especially since Clark said his family lives in this part of town.

    "They were pretty excited about it! And just anxious, like everyone else, to see the finished product!" Clark said.

    Kitchen has ties to this community as well.

    She said she used to go to school on Myrtle Avenue.

    While the artists don't have a specific theme and don't expect to be done until the end of the month.

    The artists tell Cole it's already gotten a lot of positive attention.

    “We’ve gotten a lot of people walking past that say they think it’s good that we’re doing something like this in the community,” Kitchen said.

    Clark said the goal is to bring the arts and culture to the Northside.

    "You don’t really see anything like that over here. You see it in Springfield, The Beaches, Downtown,” Clark said.

    Clark and Kitchen say they worked with the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville to bring this vision to life.

    They’re hoping it will help create dialogue and dignity among neighbors on Jacksonville’s Northside.

    “We just want the people to feel a sense of pride in their community where they live and just having something good to look forward to when they come home,” Clark said.

    Right now, they’re working to figure out how they can get the community involved in the creative process as well.

    As soon as Action News Jax has those details, we’ll share them!

    The mural is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

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