• Daughter of County Road 210 crash victim: 'I want her to know how much I loved her'

    By: Russell Colburn, Action News Jax


    ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - PHOTO GALLERY: Grandmother killed in County Road 210 crash 

    A family is mourning the loss of a grandmother who was well-loved in her St. Johns County community.

    “I want her to know how much I loved her,” said Kris Wehmeier, Nancy Roberts’ daughter. "She was such a part of my life and my kids' lives, and how much we’re going to miss her. 

    "I wish I could tell her.”       

    The Florida Highway Patrol said Roberts was killed when she drove into the path of a semi on County Road 210 Tuesday morning. 

    Her daughters have questions about the crash that claimed their mother's life.

    Back in August, Roberts celebrated her 75th birthday with a party surrounded by family. Smiles and laughs weren't hard to come by, as the group shared a cake --- and a trip to NASA.

    “She just loved it, she was with her grandkids and her kids, and she enjoyed it,” said Roberts’ second daughter, Tracy Gehlmann.  “She enjoyed having us all together.”

    Her daughters cherished that memory then -- and especially, now. 

    No one saw Tuesday morning coming.

    “It was shocking,” Wehmeieer sad.  “It was very shocking.”

    “She was very meticulous,” Gehlmann added. “She was a very careful driver ... but that’s the nature of the word 'accident.' That’s how we have to deal with it.”

    Wehmeier said she was on her way to work that morning when she drove up to the scene.

    “I was rerouted not knowing, not even thinking,” Wehmeier said.  “I even called her to warn her that the road was blocked off- left her a message.”

    Troopers think Roberts crossed the center line and hit a semi head-on, but they don't know why it happened. She died at the scene. 

    Her family does not want the crash to be her legacy -- they want her to be remembered as the loving, caring person she was.

    They says she was a person who made a difference in many lives.

    “She had a very big heart,” Wehmeier said.

    Family plans to celebrate Roberts’ life Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Ponte Vedra Valley Funeral Home.

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