Day of Remembrance honors local lives lost to COVID-19

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The names of those lost to COVID-19 are being called out and remembered at the historic James P. Small baseball park on Sunday afternoon.

The Jacksonville COVID-19 Task Force is bringing the Durkeeville neighborhood together to reflect and work towards a solution.

The baseball park holds special significance for former Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown. “Everybody knows it in the Black community,” he explained. “It’s on Myrtle Avenue, it’s part of the Black community.”

On Sunday, it was the backdrop for a day of remembrance. “We’re going to be honoring those who passed away from COVID-19,” he said. The names of those who lost their lives to COVID were on display all throughout the baseball park. There were white flags with names on them lining the field, and also easels displaying a list of names so these individuals won’t be forgotten.

Family members were then able to take these flags home. “These are grandparents, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters,” she Brown pointed out.

“I know people, personally. I’ve experienced it in my family,” he added.

As Jacksonville’s first elected African American mayor, Brown wants to inspire his community to get vaccinated and prevent more of these deaths.

“So having a trusted venue and trusted voices, ‘’ he emphasized. “People who they trust and believe in. I took the vaccine,” he said.

Agape is administering these vaccines and teaming up with faith leaders and medical experts to help educate others.

“Our goal is to eradicate the virus in our community,” Brown said. With this recognition, Brown hopes neighbors will feel empowered to protect each other.

“[We want to] remind people that we care about them and love them and we’re all in this together,” he remarked.

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