• DCF joins investigation into boy's disappearance

    By: Kristy Wolski


    The Fernandina Beach police chief is still not saying how a missing boy ended up safe in Alachua County.

    Peter Bresko Jr. was first reported missing around 11 a.m. Saturday. Police said he was with his father at the downtown farmers market and disappeared after leaving to use the restroom.

    Investigators said the boy was upset about having to return home to his mother’s residence out of state after spending the summer with his father.

    Police said the next day the boy turned up safe with his aunt in Alachua County.

    Action News asked the Fernandina Beach police chief Monday how that happened. We were told that information is not yet being released.

    Meanwhile, the Department of Children and Families is also joining the investigation.

    “We’re going to be interviewing the child,” said John Harrell, DCF spokesperson.

    Harrell said the agency will also be interviewing the boy’s parents, relatives and others who know the child.

    “We’re going to be investigating as far as any concerns regarding neglect, maltreatment, abuse,” he said. “We’ll certainly be sharing our findings with law enforcement.”

    Investigators said this is not the first time the boy has wandered away. They said July 31 he was supposed to fly home to his mother, but got off the plane before it took off.

    They said this weekend prior to the latest incident the father had purchased a new plane ticket.

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