DCPS considers consolidation as one of solutions to aging schools

Some Jacksonville parent's worried about consolidating schools

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Duval County School District is exploring the idea of consolidation.

This is coming in response to the $1.95 billion dollars they need to repair and replace some of the oldest school buildings in the state.

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Action News Jax's Courtney Cole spoke to some parents and learned not all of them would be on board with this proposal.

Duval County Public Schools needs $1.95 billion to fix or replace all of their old school buildings.

As it stands, school districts 4 and 5 will need 45% of that pot, because they are home to the oldest schools in the district.


The school district only has one funding source for a project like this: your property taxes.

Now they're exploring consolidating  schools.

“Just fix up the schools in all the neighborhoods. Put the money into the schools to make the schools better for the kids and not move them all into one school,” said Kelli Williams.

Her daughter is a student at Northwestern Middle School.

In a presentation shown to board members during their workshop on Tuesday, they were presented with different possible scenarios. One of them includes replacing the Raines High School building and moving the Northwester Middle School students into the new building.

“Now it's more kids, now it's different kind of personalities. You have the younger kids with the older kids...I don't think that'll be appropriate at all,” Williams said.

Another scenario converts Northwestern Middle School into an elementary school that would then serve students from three other elementary schools.

Ribault High School is also be considered for consolidation and serving students in 6th-12th grades.

A final decision is not set to be made by the school board until at least August.

But, if the school district doesn’t find an additional source of funding—they can’t move forward with their plans.

Cole asked the Duval County School District if they're considering a half-cent sales tax.

Right now, half-cent sales tax is already being implemented in St. Johns County.

A spokesperson for the school district told Cole they're not at the stage to determine where the funding will come from.