DCPS explores classroom filtration systems to remove COVID-19 air particles


In an emergency meeting Tuesday night, Duval County Public Schools board members confirmed that the district is looking into getting new filtration systems for its buildings.

”Parents are asking about air filtration and other mitigation,” Board Member Cindy Pearson.

The goal is to remove 80% of COVID-related particles from the air, but these systems can be pricey.

Although our medical expert Dr. Michelle Aquino says many parents have purchased them for their own homes, these parents wish they could protect their kids in the classroom. Some parents are even raising money to get air purifiers for teachers.

”Some of the parents are wishing the school would be more proactive and really buy a lot of these units for all the schools. But again, this is a money issue,” Dr. Aquino said.

During the meeting, DCPS board members said it would cost about $600,000 dollars for the district to install new ventilation and/or filtration systems across all of its facilities.

For now, here’s what Dr. Aquino suggests for parents who need more options:

”If you do not have the resources to get an HVAC in your kids’ room, is opening windows, opening doors, just letting the air circulate really well, that will let the virus not accumulate in one room,” she said.

There are also guidelines you can access here from the CDC about ventilation in buildings, but there are concerns among school district leaders this might not be a good option for its buildings because it would risk mold getting in.

For now, the district is continuing to work on finding the option that is best for its students.

”At the moment, there is no large guideline, I haven’t seen in any of our states where that is being done in any of the public schools,” Dr. Aquino said.