• Action News looks into pedestrian crashes on Timuquana Road


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Wednesday morning crash on the Westside has left one pedestrian dead. 

    The crash happened just before 5:30 a.m. on Timuquana Road, a road with a long history of serious pedestrian crashes.

    Marvin Jones walks across Timuquana on a daily basis. He wasn't surprised to hear someone was killed just a few hours earlier.

    "A lot of people they'll just say, 'Freak it,' and cross it and then you have a lot of tragedies happening," said Jones. 

    The pedestrian was struck at the intersection with Catoma Street, causing a chain reaction crash and forcing the Florida Highway Patrol to block the road.

    Details of what caused the crash have yet to be released but Action News' camera rolled as police pulled over a driver at the same intersection for speeding a few hours later and a woman jaywalking with four children.

    Timuquana Road has three lanes in each direction. It takes a good 20 seconds to get all the way across. Pedestrians in the area said one problem is people don't push the crosswalk button to get across.

    "Since I moved over here, it's been like maybe four or five people got hit here in less than a year," said bicyclist John Stanfield. 

    According to the FHP, in the last year and a half there have been 698 pedestrian crashes in Duval County. Fifty-one of those were fatal, five of them happened on Timuquana Road and of those, three were fatal.

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