• DNC delegates anticipate Sen. Tim Kaine's remarks to convention

    By: Samantha Manning , Action News Jax


    Delegates at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday told Action News Jax they were eagerly waiting to hear from Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick, Sen. Tim Kaine.

    Kaine has served as the governor of Virginia, the chairman of the DNC and is currently a United States senator for Virginia.

    “This guy’s got talents,” Duval County delegate Vincent Cameron said. “He’s sharp. I think he brings an additional stability to the ticket. I think it was a safe track.”

    But it’s Kaine’s reputation for being more to the center than the left that has left some Bernie Sanders delegates worried that Kaine won’t be progressive enough.

    “It seems like he really is the candidate who is meant to sort of bridge with Republicans and moderates as opposed to bridge with the big progressive movement,” Duval County delegate Monica DePaul said.

    Elizabeth Judd, a delegate from Miami, said she is optimistic though that Kaine’s remarks Wednesday night will provide another step towards unity for the party.

    “I can relate to him,” Judd said. “I can appreciate and I can respect the fact that he did 17 years of civil rights litigation.”

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