Documents released in investigation involving missing Nassau County mom Joleen Cummings

New documents reveal a troubled relationship between Nassau County mom Joleen Cummings and her accused killer Kimberly Kessler.

Cummings disappeared in May 2018. Kessler has been arrested for her murder, and grand theft of her vehicle.

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The documents describe how investigators looked into Jennifer Sybert -- the alias Kessler used at the salon where she and Cummings both worked.

The documents said investigators learned the real Jennifer Sybert was actually deceased. Investigators contacted Sybert's father, who told the investigators he had never seen Kessler before and did not know how Kessler obtained his deceased daughter's name, date of birth or Social Security number.

The documents say that during interviews with Tangles Salon employees, investigators learned Cummings felt something was not right with Kessler.

She reportedly told another hairdresser at the salon, "that there was something she could not put her finger on about Jennifer and that she was not the person she pretended to be."

Cummings' colleague said on May 11 -- the day before Cummings was last seen -- Cummings and Kessler had a confrontation at the salon.

According to the document, Cummings was trying to talk with her colleague, but Kessler appeared to be eavesdropping.

The report says Cummings and the other coworker went outside, and Kessler followed.

That's when Cummings' coworker said Cummings told Kessler, "Go away.. Don't talk to me.. You're fake.. You're crazy."

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Kessler was arrested in St. Johns County after detectives said video showed her getting out of Cummings' car in Nassau County.

While at jail, the report says Kessler told the inmates her real name and that she had been running from the government for 20 years.

She reportedly refused to eat, constantly walked around with a bible and tried to eavesdrop on people's conversations.

Action News Jax previously reported that a Florida man — questioned by the FBI — said the FBI told him they were investigating Kessler as a possible serial killer.

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