• Dog shot multiple times in the face, almost ready for adoption

    By: Bridgette Matter , Action News Jax


    A chow chow dog was found shot multiple times in the face in Georgia in April. He is now recovering in Jacksonville.

    Clay -- named for his rusted color, was found bleeding and rushed to animal control in need of immediate care. 

    Doctors say it is a miracle Clay is alive, a scan shows the multiple pellets lodged in his face. 

    Clay is recovering from the injuries, but is blind in one eye. 

    “He’d been shot so many times they can’t even count,” Tracey Sparagis, the president of Chow Chow Rescue Society Inc. said. 

    She believes Clay was shot with birdshot at close range. Clay ingested some of the pellets, there are even two in his lungs. He had to have gum reconstructive surgery, and a few teeth still need to be pulled. 

    Today Clay is doing much better and will be available for adoption next week. He still needs to be neutered and could have some more surgeries down the road.

    While Clay was hurt so badly, he’s a loving pup in need of a loving home. 

    Sparagis who has helped save close to 400 dogs said she has never seen a case like Clay’s. 
    She said Clay will need an active owner and cannot be adopted to a family with children. 

    Police continue to investigate who shot Clay, there is a $5,000 reward in his case. 

    If you would like to help Clay or are interested in adoption, click here

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