• Dumping dilemma impacts donation collection site off Gate Parkway

    By: Lorena Inclan , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - People have turned a donation site into dumping grounds on Jacksonville’s busy Southside.

    Car tires, furniture, even the kitchen sink.

    It looks like a junkyard but it’s actually a clothing donation site right off of Gate Parkway.

    Ernest Sacerio was tasked with picking up the trash after getting complaints.

    “Neighbors [are] not happy. We try to keep clean every week, but people do it anyway, every week,” Sacerio said. 

    Cleaning up the trash isn’t his job. Sacerio is only supposed to come to empty the recycling bins that should be full of clothes and shoes. 

    “Some people don't care about that. Nothing that we can do,” Sacerio said.

    Instead he’s become a trash collector, having to come out every week to clean up this mess. 

    A problem that’s gotten so bad, the recycling containers may be moved.

    “Yes a hundred percent we're doing it this week. We can't support something like that,” Sacerio said.

    Which means people like Cody Edwards couldn’t donate.  

    “This is my first time using it. I see it every time and I’ve always wanted to come and drop off clothes,” Edwards.

    It’s a dumping dilemma that may shut down the donation site meant to help Jacksonville’s underserved community.

    “I think it's definitely wrong because the whole purpose of this being here is definitely for charitable giving,” Edwards said.

    The company is asking people to be considerate: Only drop off what’s allowed and if the bin is full, go to another donation site.

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