AAA encouraging teens to take part in its PROMise initiative

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Prom and graduation season is just around the corner and AAA is urging teens to take part in an initiative to save lives.

Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA – The Auto Club Group, says that even with the COVID-19 pandemic, teens will find a way to celebrate prom and graduation. This often leads to drinking and driving for some teens.

“Even if prom looks different this year, due to the pandemic, history has proven that high schoolers will find a way to party. It’s critical for parents and teachers to take time to discuss the dangers of impaired and distracted driving and to develop a plan for getting teens home safely,” Jenkins said.

This is why AAA is launching its “AAA PROMise” to help prevent teens from making deadly mistakes.

Schools are can get free educational material to bring awareness to their students. Schools can find the free toolkit by clicking HERE.

AAA PROMise encourages teens to make the following promises:

  • Not drink alcohol or take drugs
  • Not drive impaired or distracted
  • Not let their friends drive impaired or distracted
  • Get home safely or call their parents for help

Action News Jax anchor Phil Amato spoke with Jenkins about the program. You can watch the full interview above.