Black Friday continues to have a large impact on small businesses this year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Black Friday may have looked a little different this year when shopping locally, but the impact on small businesses remains the same.

“It’s been a really heartwarming experience seeing people we haven’t seen in months, some we haven’t even seen since last year, so it’s fun to see all the new faces,” explains Emilie Christenson, owner of Jaffi’s Boutique in Neptune Beach.

Navigating the pandemic has been no easy task for anyone. Small businesses have had to rethink their business models to stay afloat. Even Black Friday took extra planning.

Jaffi’s extended their sale all day long to lessen the crowd that usually forms in the morning.

KMH Home placed some of their products outside to allow for more room.

KMH Homeowner Kathleen Franza says, “I think everyone has been very mindful. We do have hand sanitizer, we make sure everybody has a mask and we don’t tend to get a lot of crowds.”

Many merchants remained busy.

Christenson says, “I would say we are on track to meet or beat last year’s sales for Black Friday, which is fantastic.”

Loyal customers have truly become the lifeline for these shops, and it’s because of that support that they’re still here today.

”We are feeling extremely fortunate that we are still all here and doing good, and it’s all through the support of our clients and customers and the other businesses that are here too,” says Franza.