CORONAVIRUS: State ran testing site for COVID-19 to temporarily close for Isaias

Local testing sites closing due to potential storm

Starting Thursday, coronavirus testing sites across the state will temporarily close due to weather.

Five testing sites are now closed across Northeast Florida.

Florida’s division of emergency management says its testing sites can’t hold up to the threat of a storm because they include tents, chairs and other free-standing structures that could get damaged.

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In Duval County, Home Depot at Regency, Legends Center and Regency Square Mall will close.

In Clay County, the state-run testing site at Target in Fleming Island will close and in Nassau County, the Target in Yulee will close.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny curry says people shouldn’t worry about not being able to get tested because there are six city-sponsored testing sites that will stay open.

“Right now, we don’t have plans to change our hours. We were able to get people into testing sites and have plenty of capacity right now. We’re doing everything we can to keep testing open. The only change I can foresee coming is a weather event where we will alter hours for them to close but right now that’s not going to happen,” Curry said.

Mayor Curry says you can expect to get your results back within a few days at city-run testing sites.

You can go here to look at city-sponsored coronavirus testing sites in Jacksonville here: