Duval homeroom open enrollment begins for second quarter

Duval Homeroom

Jacksonville, FL. — Duval Homeroom open enrollment begins for second quarter.

Parents who want to take their kids out of in-person class and enroll in Duval Homeroom for the second quarter have until Friday, Sept. 25 to make the decision.

Parents can also cut ties with the Duval Homeroom program and register for brick-and-mortar classes during this time.

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Registration for Duval Homeroom for second quarter started Tuesday.

Parents have until next Friday, Sept 25, to make up their minds.

Parents can either have their children leave Duval Homeroom and enroll their kids in physical classes, have their children begin Duval Homeroom.

Students who are continuing what they’re doing now don’t have to register.

The second quarter begins Oct. 19.