FEMA cites wrong documentation as one reason people are being turned away at vaccine sites

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — We’re getting more clarification on why so many people flocked to COVID-19 vaccination sites on Wednesday only to be turned away.

The new federal site in Brentwood, located in the Gateway Mall parking lot, can vaccinate 2,000 people daily. By 5:30 PM, it had given out 875 doses. Somehow social media posts circulated claiming anyone who is 16 and older could get the vaccine. FEMA said that’s not true.

You must fit a certain criteria to get the shot and have the right documentation.

“I fall into the category of high risk,” Lorenzo Carter said. He was one of many people on Thursday who got turned away at the door. Carter qualifies for the vaccine.

He had a note from his doctor, but the site said he needed this form filled out.

Carter went to his doctor and got the new form filled out. He was back in 45 minutes, and he was able to get his first dose.

A FEMA spokesperson also said there weren’t any doses wasted on Wednesday. Staff said they only thawed what they needed based on pre-registration and lines.