First nonstop flight to Puerto Rico takes off from Jacksonville International Airport

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. — You can now fly nonstop to Puerto Rico on Frontier Airlines out of Jacksonville International Airport, with fares as low as $69, according to the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.

On Monday morning, Frontier Airlines welcomed eager passengers to board the first nonstop flight to Puerto Rico.

“To us, this is not just a flight,” Alfredo Gonzalez, a spokesperson with Frontier Airlines, said.

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“It’s a relationship that we’re building with North Florida, Jacksonville and of course San Juan, Puerto Rico and the whole island of Puerto Rico.”

Among those passengers was Jenny Kearly, who is seeing her mother for the first time since the pandemic started all thanks to this service.

“I’m happy that Frontier did this,” she said. “[I’m] thankful.”

Sitting next to her at the gate was Brenda Frinks with the Jacksonville Sister Cities Association.

“Our mission is to do exchanges and programs,” Frinks explained.

In San Juan, she says she plans to meet with tourism agencies and education leaders to find opportunities for students and trade.

“We’re planning on doing a student exchange program and helping businesses find matchmakers in our sister cities,” Frinks pointed out. “So hopefully this is the first time we will get to go back and forth.”

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Starting today, Kearly says she can go back and forth to visit her mother for half the price.

“It’s going to be a big surprise for her and convenience to me,” she emphasized.

Hundred passengers are onboard the first flight to Puerto Rico. There will be one like it flying out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

“It’s going to be a lot of emotions going on,” Kearly said.

Those emotions, combined with a lot of boricua pride, could be felt throughout the entire terminal on Monday morning as the airport introduced this new option for travelers.