Gov. DeSantis extends mortgage foreclosure and eviction relief executive order

Gov. DeSantis extends mortgage foreclosure and eviction relief executive order

Florida — The freeze on evictions in Florida has been extended another month.

Thousands of local families are safe to stay in their homes for another month.

Florida’s eviction moratorium was extended late Tuesday night, just hours before it was set to expire. But the need for financial help isn’t going away any time soon.

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Colleen Rodriguez, CEO of Jewish Family and Community Services explains, “There are already over 1800 households that have been referred to just us.” She says thousands of local families are struggling to make ends meet.

According to Rodriguez, 22,000 families are at risk of having their utilities turned off, only 9,000 of them have payment plans, and about 14,000 are at risk of being evicted. ”The need is different, it’s not people that are normally accessing services.”

That’s why they are shifting their focus to working with landlords to come up with payment plans that work both for them and their tenants.

”The whole First Coast Relief Fund is really going to be shifting towards how do we keep people in their homes with the power on,” says Rodriguez.

So for those who are worried about being evicted, Rodriguez says, “The best thing that they can do is go and speak with her landlord and ask them are they willing to work with them on a payment plan and if they are they then should call 211.”

211 is the community resource line. Once you call 211, they will put you in touch with an organization that can help provide financial stability during this time. And if anyone is struggling with mental health, there is teletherapy options available at Jewish Family and Community Services and other organizations too.