‘Have you seen her?’: Jacksonville mother pushes for answers three months after daughter’s disappearance

Search for Brittany Palmer, last seen in August


Brittany Palmer, a 23-year-old from Jacksonville, was last seen August 22. Two days later her mother, Vontria Mobley, called police, but there’s still no major leads in the case three months later.

Palmer was last seen in New Town, at the corner of Baldwin and Barber Streets. Mobley told Action News Jax that she suspects her daughter got mixed in with the wrong crowd, and somebody was after her money.

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“At this point I feel like somebody is holding her hostage. Don’t want to let her go. Why? I don’t know,” Mobley said. “This is not like her. If anybody knows anything, seen her, or knows something, please call.”

Action News Jax spoke with Mobley back in September ‘Where is Brittany?’: Mother desperate for answers after daughter disappears. Now three months since her daughter’s disappearance, she’s still searching for answers.

Friday, Nov. 28, Mobley plans to walk through the neighborhood again to question residents about whether they’ve seen Palmer. She was in a crash five years ago that caused a brain injury and a limb. Palmer uses a walker to get around.

Mobley said her daughter was last seen at Brittany’s friend’s mother’s home in New Town.

“It’s hard, because I will miss her smile this Thanksgiving. [Brittany] walks in the room and she’ll brighten it up. Just up beat,” she told Action News Jax’s Robert Grant. “Every day I’m answering phone calls, telemarketing calls — hoping I will hear Brittany’s voice.”

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has not announced any arrests in the case.