Jacksonville chefs get creative with virtual cooking classes

JaxRestaurantReviews.com is setting up virtual cooking classes to help you step your game up and keep chefs above water during mandated social distancing.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It’s been nearly two weeks since social distancing restrictions were put in place here in Florida and our local restaurants continue to feel the hurt.

“All of our shifts have been pretty much canceled. We’ve lost a lot of catering gigs like weddings and baby showers that we had booked,” said Ashley Amin, owner of Fusion Food Truck.

And with nearly every local restaurant in the same situation as Amin’s, Jacksonville Restaurant Reviews came up with an idea to help them out during this tough time.

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They have started virtual cooking classes taught by local chefs like Amin.

“This is great, what Jacksonville Restaurant Review is doing for all the chefs here in Jacksonville, putting a virtual class where people can buy tickets and cook with us.”

It’s a way for families to stay in the comfort of their own homes, practice social distancing, and learn a thing or two about cooking along the way.

“We have to keep going. We have to pay our bills, so we need everyone’s support right now,” Amin said.

To sign up for upcoming virtual cooking classes head to JaxRestaurantReviews.com and click on the virtual cooking classes tab.​