Jacksonville police: Kids found with rotten teeth, bite marks; couple charged with child neglect

Officers said the interior of the home was “unlivable” and the home had an “odor so pungent it could be smelled from the exterior.”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A young couple was arrested and charged with several counts of child neglect.

A police report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, obtained by Action News Jax, said the three children were living in deplorable conditions inside a home in the Long Branch neighborhood.

The report states that five adults lived in the home, two of which are the alleged suspects: 28-year-old Brenda Mahan and 30-year-old Louis Mahan. The couple told police they have been living in the home for the last three weeks.

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JSO was dispatched to the home to assist Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) with a children abuse allegation on September 7.

Police said, inside, there were three children dressed in clothing that was soiled to the point on being “unwearable.” One victim had a severe rash on the back of her neck that spread to the top of her back and to her shoulders. Investigators also noted that the child had a “circular indent on her stomach where a feeding tube used to be attached.”

All three children had deteriorating teeth and multiple cavities, according to JSO’s report. The two female victims were diagnosed with severe lice infestation. The third victim had bite marks. It was unclear if the marks were from scabies or flea bites.

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Officers said the interior of the home was “unlivable” and the home had an “odor so pungent it could be smelled from the exterior.” Action News Jax reporter, Meghan Moriarty, went out to the home and confirms the smell and the deteriorating condition of the exterior of the home.

Moriarty saw a man matching Louis Mahan’s description come out of the home. JSO records show he is out on bond. She approached him and asked if he had a comment, but he got in his car and closed the door.

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Later, another man came out of the home. He said he was the home owner and the accused man was his son. Moriarty asked if the allegations against his son were true. He shook his head and said “no.” He then said, “there’s no abuse or anything like that.”

The police report did say there were no signs of child abuse in the home. The children were removed for what appeared to be neglect, according to investigators.

JSO’s inmate search shows that Brenda Mahan is still in jail. Louis posted bond on September 10.

This is a developing story. We’ll continue to post updates.

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