Jags to get new practice facility

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A massive new development is coming to downtown Jacksonville — to the tune of $120 million.

The city council voted last night to approve the new Jags Sports Performance Center.

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$60 million of this facility will be paid for by the city using taxpayer money.

Council member Reggie Gaffney says that’s because this development is expected to bring far more people into downtown Jacksonville every day.

“For us to grow Jacksonville, we have to use our own resources.”

The new Jaguars sports performance center will be a massive undertaking for the Jags and the city.

“I think it’s going to do good for the Jaguars, I think it’s going to do good for the city,” Gaffney said.

The space will include executive offices, equipment and medical rooms, an indoor practice field, 2,300 bleacher seats, and other facility needs. With a hefty price tag of $120 million dollars, the city is picking up half the bill. The managing company will pick up any extra costs.

“For a city to grow, to move forward, we always got to invest all of our money in infrastructure, and that’s what you need to understand. If you look at all of your major cities throughout America, I can guarantee that they have invested in their own infrastructure,” Gaffney says.

The city will still own the land, and has signed a 30-year lease to the management company. This is the first major development passed since Lot J, the previously proposed project, was shut down.

“This is a first step. but I’m going to go back to my first love, Lot J. I wish that could’ve been first, but more than that I’m excited for the Jaguars and I’m excited for downtown.”

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Councilman Gaffney says the unanimous decision to pass funding for this facility shows a promising future for areas like Lot J.

“All we need is that one project, now you see it.”

This is not the only area being developed in Jacksonville. Two city councilmembers are hosting a meeting about how to best develop the riverfront and shipyards.