Low turnout for Johnson & Johnson vaccine at Gateway site

JACKSONVILLE. Fla. — A man has now developed a blood clot after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It is the first known case involving a man in the United States.

The report came from the University of California San Francisco after an 11-day pause for the J&J vaccine was issued due to fifteen women developing a dangerous blood clot disorder that three died from.

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About 8 million people were given the Johnson & Johnson shot making the blood clot disorder extremely rare.

There is now a new warning for women under the age of 50 for the J&J vaccine.

The Gateway Mall vaccination site saw a low turnout of J&J and first dose Pfizer shots Sunday and Monday.

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Sunday only 69 of the 3,000 daily J&J allotments were administered.

Pfizer first doses didn’t do much better at 97 doses for the day.

The Gateway Mall location is scheduled to close May 26.