Man helps unconscious driver out of a burning car that collided with JFRD truck

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax is learning more about a serious crash in the Fort Caroline neighborhood. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the cause.

Doug Baumann was sitting at a stoplight, changing the song playing in his car, when he heard a loud ‘boom.’ He looked up to see a major crash between a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue tanker truck and a Ford F-150.

Action News Jax first told you about the crash on Friday. The driver of a pickup truck collided with a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department tanker truck that was heading to a 911 call. This happened at the intersection of Monument and McCormick Road.

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“Everything just like froze in that moment,” Doug Baumann said. The Maryland contractor was working at Jacksonville Navy base. He watched the aftermath of the intense crash unfold. Baumann got out of his car. “As I’m jogging over, I’m seeing smoke. I get about 20 feet from the burning truck.”

The firefighter was not hurt, but the driver of the pickup truck was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

“I struggled getting the door open. I was able to get it open by the second time, get the man out of his vehicle,” Baumann said.

Others began stepping in to help.

“Once we got him to the median, I was so tired, I had dropped to my knees and said a prayer,” Baumann said. “What made me wanna step in is that I’m not gonna sit here and watch someone get burnt up. It’s a human life. This man has a family.”

We’re working to learn more about the victim’s condition.

A JFRD spokesperson said in this incident, civilians stepping up really helped. However, he warned, you always have to be careful in these kinds of situations.

Firefighters caution putting yourself in harms way, because you don’t want to hurt the victim further victim or become the victim yourself.